The Top 5 Women’s All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards For 2020-2021

Welcome to Top 5’s where your host decides what their top 5 picks are. You might agree with them, you might disagree with them, but the fact of the matter is you’re watching them. In this episode Avran takes a look at what he thinks are the Top 5 Women’s All Mountain Freestyle Boards for 2021. This is by no means a definitive list, but this is what he’ll be recommending to people. As 2020 has been a shit-storm of a year this and every other subsequent Top 5 is using different metrics to pick the list.

5. Arbor Swoon Rocker
5. Arbor Swoon Camber
4. Jones Twin Sister
4. Jones Twin Sister
3. Rome Lo-Fi
3. Rome Lo-Fi
2. Capita Paradise
2. Capita Paradise
1. Yes Hello

Know How to Snowboard

Snowboarding is snowboarding. But the difference is in the training. It all depends of the techniques used to get you to understand. Understanding is crucial to carrying out all the mauves. You can be told how to snowboard by a million and one trainers but only a few have a technique that makes it easy.

Get Fit – Learn to Snowboard

Going it alone when you learn to snowboard is not the best idea. You must have lessons. You don’t have to go to a venue. And you don’t have to hire a personal trainer. But you do need the best training manual around. If you have the best source of information you will be able to teach yourself.

Learn Snowboard Tricks

If you want to enjoy an exciting sport then learn snowboard tactics. These are known as tricks. As you improve so will your ability to execute tricks that are more and more difficult. For you to be any good you must have proper lessons. The great thing about snowboarding is you can train from a manual.

Fs 360 Indy Trick Tip

A fs 360 indy is one of the smaller spin tricks out there and is pretty basic, but don’t be fooled. Perfecting this trick can be a doozy to some people.

Snowboards – Building Your Own Board

Snowboards may be customized to best fit the tastes of a particular rider. In some instances, building a board at home is the ideal choice for the perfect equipment. Here is a basic outline of how this is accomplished.

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