The Top 5 All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards of 2020

Welcome to Top 5’s where your host decides what their top 5 picks are. You might agree with them, you might disagree with them, but the fact of the matter is you’re watching them. This weeks episode Avran breaks down the Top 5 all mountain freestyle boards for 2020.

5. Wired Directive
4. Libtech E. Jack Knife
3. Jones Mountain Twin
2. Ride Algorhythm
1. Capita Mercury

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: Hanging Out

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Backcountry Snowboarding and Skiing – An Experience With Few Equals

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Dragon Snowboard Goggles – Affordable, Quality and Style

Dragon is another brand available to consumers that offer hip up-to-the-minute designs in their collection. There are many different styles of Dragon goggles that a person can choose from for their particular needs and wants. The prices are considered comparable to similar brands and the styles are geared to match any outfit a person wears.

Learn to Snowboard – Buying Your Snowboarding Gear

The first step to any snowboarding holiday is to make sure you have the right gear that is right for you. This includes snowboard board, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, pants, jacket, gloves, beanies, goggles, and a bum protector optional. This will ensure that you enjoy yourself on the mountain. This is like anything it is very simple when you know and there are some simple tips and tricks for each piece of snowboarding gear. It is essential that you get fitted with the right gear for your body height, weight and shoe size.

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Those who attended the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan in 1998 were the first to see the addition of snowboarding to the list of events that take place. The sport had been approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1994.

Some Important Things to Consider When Buying Snowboard Jackets

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