The Tongue Tied Boot Technology By Ride Snowboards: Explained

Welcome to Explained the only series on the Internet that takes the technology that companies are marketing towards you and breaks it down it its rawest form. The goal of this series is to make you a more knowledgeable snowboarder of the Internet as well as make your decision buying process that much easier. So if you have a few minutes to kill sit back, watch, learn, and progress. In this video Avran talks about K2’s Boa Conda technology.

Buy Ride Boots With Tongue Tied
Lasso Pro

Snowboard Boots – How to Select the Perfect Pair

Snowboard boots are one of the few necessary pieces of equipment for this particular winter sport. They allow a rider to transfer his or her weight effectively in order to move, turn and accelerate while snowboarding.

Top 5 Snowboarding Destinations

Snowboarding trips are ever increasing in popularity and it is ten years since strapping a plank of wood to your feet and looking cooler than a skier became an official winter sport. So if you’re planning on hitting the slopes this winter, before sorting out the travel insurance and packing your sun screen, here are the top five snowboarding destinations.

Snowboarding History and Tips

Snowboarding is a relatively new sport with an interesting history. Get some tips on how to enjoy it more.

Snowboarding in Utah – Great Places to Go Snowboarding

Utah has thirteen world-class ski resorts that boast the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Ski resorts in the Wasatch Mountains receive up to 500 inches of dry, fluffy snow that lends itself to some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions in the world.

Snow Boarding Terms – Lessons For Beginner Snowboarders

Snowboarding is a snow sport. This sport is done on snow covered slop just like a ski hill. Riders stand on a board similar to a surf board and ride it down a hill. Along with learning how to ride the snowboard, you must know your snowboarding terms.

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