The Power Graft Highback From Rome: Explained

Welcome to Explained the only series on the Internet that takes the technology that companies are marketing towards you and breaks it down it its rawest form. The goal of this series is to make you a more knowledgeable snowboarder of the Internet as well as make your decision buying process that much easier. So if you have a few minutes to kill sit back, watch, learn, and progress. In this video Avran talks about Rome Snowboards Power Graft Highback featured on the Black Label binding.

How to Buy a Used Snowboard

Buying a used snowboard is a great way to save money, but make sure to keep a couple things in mind before picking your second hand snowboard. First, make sure you pick the right length and width for your height, weight, feet size, riding style, and ability. Once you’ve chosen the right size snowboard, check the snowboard for any visible damage, especially the top deck.

Snowboarding Boots and Bindings Options

Although some skiers may not like it, at this point one thing is obvious: snowboarding is here to stay. Yes, the slopes will never be quite the same again and I, for one, applaud the athletic diversity.

The Day You Almost Died

Last winter Dave B, John Johnston and myself headed out to an untamed line John had spoken highly of. Located deep in the Pemberton hills and off the back of a mountain known as Sampson. Sampson is powerful and if you’re familiar with the legendary basketball star Ralph Sampson, it is every bit as scary.

Cheap Snowboarding Gear

What’s the deal with cheap snowboarding gear? Is it even worth buying cheap snowboarding gear? These are some questions that you might be asking yourself when shopping for new equipment.

How to Maintain Your Snowboard

If you want to keep you snowboard in great shape during the snow season and beyond, here are 5 great tips to help keep your snowboard ready when you are. 1. After every snowboarding session, make sure to repair any scratches or nicks on your board as soon as you can.

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