Nitro Power Pods: Explained

Welcome to Explained the only series on the Internet that takes the technology that companies are marketing towards you and breaks it down it its rawest form. The goal of this series is to make you a more knowledgeable snowboarder of the Internet as well as make your decision buying process that much easier. So if you have a few minutes to kill sit back, watch, learn, and progress. In this video we talk about Nitro Snowboards Power Pods.

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: Rest by Otis MacDonald

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Choosing Your Snowboarding Stance

For anyone who has looked at a snowboarder before and pondered just how simple it likely is to stand on a board and go down a mountain, you’ve never done it. Snowboarding is not simply about standing on a waxed board and sliding through snow. It might be if you are still on the bunny slopes, but at a certain point, it gets more complicated. For those beginners out there, a quick rundown of the basics of merely standing on your snowboard will suffice for showing you how even stance can be problematic.

Snowboard Tune

A healthy base is very important to the performance and life of a snowboard. Getting a snowboard tune done from time to time will make your board that much easier to ride, plus you will have more fun because you won’t be getting stuck or going slow anymore.

Buying The Right Size Snowboard

When shopping for a new snowboard your goal is to find a board that you can have the most fun with. The trick to doing so is picking a snowboard that is the right size for you and your riding style.

How To Buy A Snowboard

Buying a snowboard can sometimes be difficult. Every snowboard company brags how their boards are better for this and that reason. Learn the guide lines that will cut past all the advertising bull and help you find the perfect board.

Gear-Up – A Guide to Basic Snowboard Gear

For some individuals snowboarding has replaced skiing as the winter sport of choice for some. Having evolved from techniques used in surfing and skateboarding, it has increased in popularity over the years…

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